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The Descent of the Host 🖌 Finn McAvinchey

Divide & Conquer

Full Art Deck Box Organizers

Organize your deck box in style with these full-art horizontal deck box dividers, featureing five brand new illustrations by featured artist Finn McAvinchey designed to compliment your favorite decks!

  • Each pack includes five full art dividers, one with each gloriuos new illustration.
  • Premium 30 mil teslin construction ensures high gloss and superior durability.
  • Sized to fit perfectly in any standard horizontal card storage box, fancy or simple.
  • Identifiable from just the tab, so beautiful you can't resist looking at the whole thing.
  • The best and only quality horizontal deck box dividers available on the market today.
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Deck Maven

Ultimate Deck Building Tool

A powerful MTG deck design tool right in your browser, with all the information you need instantly accessible, sorted and filtered, live deck metrics, and quick and easy card selection. Completely free!

  • Complete card information is shown at the top level for fast review and recognition.
  • Enables instant searching and sorting of cards lists, with no frustrating loading times.
  • Easily add and remove cards, building out your list then refining it down in minutes.
  • Live deck validation and stats to streamline building for all of your favorite Magic formats.
  • All the latest card data from MTGJSON with user scores from the Gatherer card database.

Alpha version online now!

Instant Tabletop

Online Roleplaying Platform

A simple fast and efficient online tabletop where you and your friends can play your favorite tabletop RPGs, totally free. Chat and roll dice in real time using this powerful and easy to use platform!

  • Chat in real time from your web browser and roll dice right in line with your chat.
  • Log in to change personas while retaining all of your settings and preferences.
  • Create new rooms in seconds and share them as easy as sending your friends a link.
  • Enable notifications to see your friend's messages even when you're elsewhere.
  • Many more features to come as the development continues on this new project.

Alpha version online now!
Into the Wyld 🖌 Finn McAvinchey

Omnibus Games

Because Better Design Is More Fun

At Omnibus Games we believe that your game time is precious, and that every player's experience can be enhanced with quality tools and accessories. That's why we focus on bringing you what you need to prep for game night without spending all week on it: high performance, aestheticly pleasing tools and products that do more than just get the job done. We want our products to be something you enjoy each and every time you use them..

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